1921-2021 Centennial of the North Wing


During the 2019-2020 academic year, Georgetown Preparatory School celebrated the 100th anniversary of its relocation from the campus of Georgetown University to Georgetown Prep’s present location in North Bethesda, Maryland. This current school year (2021-2022) marks yet another centennial: the opening, on November 22, 1921, of the North Wing of Boland Hall. Completed within a 7-month period of time at a cost of $135,845 dollars, the North Wing provided crucial dormitory space that enabled the “New Prep,” as it was informally called, to expand to a full, four-year high school program. 

The addition of the North Wing was one of many “provisions for the future” that Jesuit leaders would make over the course of the school’s first 100 years in suburban Maryland. They sought, in the words of one, to build up “a thoroughly first-class preparatory school” for the greater glory of God. How that school would evolve over time was laid out in 1915 in a remarkably prescient master plan. One that, to a large degree, has been realized, especially with the addition of the new Georgetown Prep Campus Center and Residence Hall that will open in the fall of 2022.

 On November 22, 2021, as part of its observance of the 100th anniversary of the North Wing, Georgetown Prep opened an exhibit in the Father William L. George, S.J., Center. Entitled, Provision for the Future: The Centennial of the North Wing of Boland Hall, 1921-2021, the exhibit places the construction and completion of the North Wing within the larger context of the school’s institutional growth and of student life in the early 1920s. It features photographs, illustrations, and documents drawn from the archives of both Georgetown University and Georgetown Preparatory School. 

Please enjoy this virtual tour of the exhibit.

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