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Branding & Logos

Georgetown Prep seals

As stewards of the branding and visual identity of Georgetown Preparatory School, we apply excellence for the purpose of telling the Prep story in a creative, cohesive way that is true to our mission
as the oldest Jesuit school in the country.

Branding and Visual Identity Standards

The Marketing and Communications Office maintains the responsibility and care for the branding and visual identity standards of Georgetown Prep. We provide information and resources to help advance the mission and vision of the School through branding and communications that is clear, cohesive, and compelling.

This page is a helpful and guiding resource for our internal community members (employees, students, parents and alumni) and for our external marketing and communications partners (printers, apparel, and merchandise vendors).

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The Georgetown Prep Color Palette

Our "Prep" blue and gray color palette is among the strongest and visually recognizable features of Georgetown Prep and Georgetown University.

Pantone 282 and Pantone Gray Cool Gray 7 are Prep's primary colors. Prep has several secondary colors that may be used harmoniously and in contrast with the primary and other secondary colors. However, secondary colors should never overpower or dominate a primary color.

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Georgetown Prep Typography and Fonts

Adobe Caslon Pro

Primary serifed font for Georgetown Prep, this font family is used for the majority of publications for body text and headlines.

Memphis Extra Bold

Used to create the iconic “GP” the Memphis Extra Bold font is reserved for promoting the athletics at Prep.


Primary sans-serif font for Georgetown Prep, this font family is used for headlines and bodies of text.

The Standard fonts that can be used are:

  • Impact
  • Georgia
  • Arial
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Georgetown Prep Seals and Logos

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Contact the Marketing and Communications Office if you need assistance.

Connie Mitchell

Mrs. Connie Shaffer Mitchell
Director of Marketing & Communications, Media Relations

Michael Foster

Mr. Michael Foster
Associate Director of Marketing and Communications/Visual Information

Patty Lynch

Mrs. Patty Lynch
Associate Director of Marketing and Communications/Digital Information