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Sean McCleary and CJ Carpenter

By Mr. Sean McCleary and Mr. CJ Carpenter
Dean of Students Office

In 1876, Georgetown College’s Committee on Colors announced its selection of blue and gray for the uniforms of the school’s newly-formed Boat Club. Not long after, the College adopted blue and gray as the official school colors, and they have been part of the identities of Georgetown University and Georgetown Prep ever since.
We know that “Prep blue” and gray brings about a sense of belonging and brotherhood at Georgetown Prep. The uniform dress code accomplishes this same sense. Georgetown Prep students have been in uniform since 1789. Today’s young men wear a navy blazer, solid-colored button-down shirt, tie, khakis or dress pants, belt, and brown or black shoes. Rodrigo Arizpe ’27 commented, “It is symbolic of why we are here.” 
“We act according to the way we dress and our dress depicts the way we act,” said Father David Sauter, S.J., current English faculty member and former Headmaster. At Prep, the uniform dress code instills discipline by emphasizing attention to detail. It is not just about the attire itself but about adhering to the rules and norms of the school. The young men in uniform feel a sense of respect and competence.
There are some simple benefits to a uniform as well. It is cost-effective, saves time getting dressed in the morning, and is practical for a typical school day’s activities. But the uniform’s real power is in creating a group identity and cultivating equality, daily focus, and school spirit. Our Prep guys are as united as any professional sports team––a band of brothers. When everyone dresses similarly, it promotes unity and common ground, regardless of individual backgrounds or differences. Dressing in uniform makes us, “Look good, feel good, play good,” said Graham Lesher ’24 (or Deion Sanders…it’s debatable).


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