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Brett Graham

Dear Future Georgetown Prep Student,

I am a proud Georgetown Prep 1992 alumni and returned to my alma mater in 2015. I was a resident student from Indiana and have a deep love for Prep! The Admissions Team’s goal is to inspire young men to want to become a member of the Georgetown Prep family.
Over my nine years in admissions, I have read hundreds of applications and meet with just as many future Hoyas. Here are some tips on what to do when applying to a boarding school:

  1. Do the application yourself. Do not let your parents write the application for you. We can tell a parent's voice from your authentic voice.
  2. Be creative! Think outside the box. Kick essay ideas around with your friends and family before writing your essay. 
  3. The SSAT is challenging, so be prepared and study for it. Take multiple practice tests. Wake up early the morning of the test, take a shower, dress for success (look sharp), eat a healthy breakfast, take a walk around the block, and get fired-up to do well! 
  4. Have a list of thoughtful questions ready for your admissions interview. A curious applicant is a strong applicant. Our best interviews turn into authentic conversations.
  5. Inhale, exhale, be the best version of yourself, and you will end up at the boarding school where you belong…Georgetown Prep! 

Go Hoyas!

Brett Graham
Director of Admissions
Georgetown Preparatory School

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