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Student Internships

Chris Khoury '20 | Department of Commerce

Over the past four years, Georgetown Prep has taught me how to strengthen my abilities in academic, athletic, and religious settings. Academically, my passion for math and science has motivated me to take college level courses in calculus, statistics, and physics. Outside the classroom, I am the president of the GP Middle Eastern Club, a leader of the International Relations Club, and a tutor for underprivileged students in local public schools. On the field, I have been a member of both the soccer and rugby teams since my freshman year. I pride myself on being involved in the Prep community, and this has lead me to constantly be in search of new challenges and experiences.

When time came for me to search for an internship at the end of Junior year, I decided to consult the Alumni Relations Office in the hope of working with a Prep graduate over the summer. After writing a resume and working with the Office, I was connected with Mr. Peter Barrett ‘89, an alumnus of the school and current Director of the Office of the White House Liaison at the Department of Commerce. Upon first hearing the news, I couldn’t wait to get started; this internship would allow me to experience working in the government while also building on my interest in math and science. Mr. Barrett arranged a position for me in the Office of Space Commerce, where I would be working on various research projects involving the commercialization of the space and satellite industry.

For the duration of my month-long internship, these projects involved not only spending time doing research in the Commerce Research Library but also sitting in on meetings with leaders in the space field. Whenever prominent figures visited the office, whether it be the Director of the U.S. Patent Office or the Secretary of Commerce, I observed and sat with them as they conducted business. Additionally, I had access to government research that allowed me to truly grasp the scope of the fast-growing commercial sector that is space. I analyzed topics ranging from the effects of a GPS outage on the American economy to the history of private investment in satellite companies. Although these tasks proved difficult at first, my Prep education had prepared me well for scenarios like these; I utilized my previous experience with lab reports and research papers to ensure my work was well done.

My internship at the Department of Commerce has impacted both my senior year course selection and college considerations. After realizing the importance of understanding macroeconomics and strengthening writing skills, I enrolled in AP Economics and AP English Literature during my senior year. My time in the Office of Space Commerce has also motivated me to pursue a minor in Aerospace Engineering.

I would like to thank Mr. Barrett, Mr. Kish, and the entire Alumni Relations Office for helping me obtain this valuable internship experience. Not only did it exceed all expectations, it also reminded me of the tight bond between current students and alumni that Georgetown Prep possesses. My work over the summer has changed the way I approach my academic life, and I hope many others will be able to have an experience similar to my own.