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About Georgetown Preparatory School

For 235 years, Georgetown Preparatory School has encouraged young men to strive for the excellence in all things; to be men of competence, conscience, courage, and compassion; men of faith, men for others. Exceptional young men enter our halls each fall in Grade 9, and, after four years, those same men go forth with the aim to set the world on fire. 

With a dedication to a Jesuit education, our Catholic prep school for boys is dedicated to guiding and teaching young men in grades 9-12. Our teachers and faculty work together to inspire our students in a wide range of academic programs and courses. In addition, our college preparatory school also offers college counseling to our students to help them find the best opportunities for their continued education. 

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of a Jesuit education or to plan a visit to our campus, we welcome you to contact our admissions office!

The Oldest Jesuit School and Only Jesuit Boarding School in the Nation


Historical Jesuit teacher with Prep students

Georgetown Preparatory School is part of a rich heritage of Jesuit education – one that began in 1789 when Archbishop John Carroll, the first bishop of Baltimore, founded his Academy on the Patowmack. Georgetown Prep is America’s oldest Catholic boarding and day school for young men in Grades 9 through 12, and the only Jesuit boarding school in the country. Situated on 93 acres in suburban Washington, D.C., Georgetown Prep provides an incredibly unique educational experience and community.

A Community Connected Across the Globe

In an ever increasing global and interdependent world, the best equipped students understand and appreciate the world beyond their own home. At Georgetown Prep, we provide our students the opportunity to learn, connect, explore, and collaborate with a community from across the globe. This unique exposure gives our students a wider worldview by building cross-cultural understanding as we prepare them to become global citizens. This makes the Georgetown Prep experience truly unique. 

South Room

An Excellent Faculty & Staff Inspiring Lifelong Learning


Georgetown Prep dedicates time and resources into hiring strong faculty and staff members who embrace the Jesuit identity, the high standards of academics and college preparation, and the goal to educate the whole person. Our teachers make it a priority to be accessible, with over 16 teachers living on campus as faculty residents in our boarding program. Prep's counselors, coaches, and nurses serve as important partners with the teachers and parents to provide support for our students' academic, social, emotional, and health needs.

Jesuit Educated

A Jesuit education focuses on developing the whole person, emphasizing intellectual, spiritual, moral, and social growth. The Ignatian pedagogy promotes reflection, discernment, and personal growth, encouraging students to become lifelong learners and engaged citizens. Jesuit schools foster a strong sense of community, where students and faculty collaborate and support one another. Service to others is also a significant part of Jesuit education, encouraging students to engage in volunteer work, serve marginalized communities, and develop empathy and social consciousness.

Immersion trip

The Lifelong Bonds of Prep Brotherhood


The connections our students make at Prep do not end at graduation. Prep Pride is alive and well in many of our graduates. With over 6,600 alumni, spanning the globe, our graduates are part of an alumni family that provides an invaluable network of friendships and opportunities both personally and professionally. In addition, our alumni give back to the students by way of mentoring, coaching, serving as Trustees, and even teaching. 

Benefits of an All-boys Education

An all-boys Jesuit high school offers a unique educational experience. A single-gender education allows educators to tailor teaching approaches to suit boys' learning styles and needs. The boys also experience fewer gender stereotypes and expectations, allowing them to explore a broader range of interests and pursuits without judgment. With no gender competition, all-boys schools often provide ample opportunities for boys to take on leadership roles in various aspects of school life. Some boys may benefit from an environment where they can focus more on their studies without the distractions that might come with co educational settings. All these benefits foster a strong sense of brotherhood and camaraderie with our students. 

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