A Jesuit Day and Boarding School For Young Men Outside Washington, D.C.

Athletic Department Philosophy

Interscholastic athletics at Georgetown Prep is an integral part of the educational process nurturing our student athletes in spirit, mind and body. Athletics is designed to affirm and promote the Ignatian values as declared in the Profile of a Prep student-athlete at graduation.

Open to Growth

Through participation in athletics, the Prep student-athlete develops a better understanding of his talents and limitations. Taking responsibility for his future, he becomes more open minded to the ideas, interests, and feelings of others. He learns to respect and appreciate the opportunity given to him to advance his body, mind, and spiritual consciousness.

Intellectually Competent

Through participation in athletics, the Prep student-athlete will not only master the physical skills required for each sport but will also develop an intellectual capacity that will enable him to comprehend all aspects of the sport. Integration between the body and mind is cultivated throughout Prep’s athletic program. It is essential to the growth and success of our student-athletes, teams and their respective sports.


Through participation in athletics, the Prep student-athlete learns that God is active in all things and that individual and liturgical prayer will bring him closer to God. With this powerful foundation, the student-athlete works to better his team and community through the development of self-confidence, self-discipline, selflessness, integrity, humility, and strong moral character.


Through the participation of athletics, the Prep student-athlete learns to trust the fidelity of God, his family and friends. Within the context of team, he recognizes that he is only as good as the teammate next to him. Providing support and encouragement during the good times and bad, the student-athletes strive together for team and personal excellence.

Committed to Doing Justice

Through the participation of athletics, the Prep student-athlete acquires leadership skills that are exercised to accomplish goals set by each individual team. By working together they develop skills used for achieving individual and team success. However, Prep’s athletic program promotes its student-athletes to apply these leadership skills to the needs of society. The student-athlete grows in his conviction that Christian faith involves a commitment to doing justice.

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